May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today started with regular moments, mixed with every single emotional anxiety .. It is the worse day for months. I discovered it's my birthday when I saw an email starting with:

Happy Birthday,

God gave a gift to the world when you were born—
a person who loves, who cares,
who sees a person’s need and fills it,
who encourages and lifts people up,
who spends energy on others
rather than herself,
someone who touches each life she enters,
and makes a difference in the world,
because ripples of kindness flow outward
as each person you have touched, touches others.
Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,
because you are a special treasure
for all that you’ve done.
May the love you have shown to others
return to you, multiplied.
I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
and many, many more,
so that others have time to appreciate you
as much as I do.


It means the world to me ... I stayed for hours just staring at these words, hearing the music that comes with.

I Love u
soo much my lovely dear sweet :)

Apr 17, 2009

A Shattered Soul

From deep inside
I am shattered
I am suffering
I can't stand it
As life goes on
there is a part of me dying
even my mind is blown
by the shocking reality of life
I am losing memory of my life
memory of people who brought me sorrow
people who supposed to be my relatives and friends
but now they are too busy
to play the role of relatives and friends.

Is there will be an end to this misery?

but the most shocking reality is that
some people still envy me !
So I am screaming out loud
to all those people
come and take my life
becuase it doesn't worth it
I am just what remained of
a shattered soul

Apr 14, 2009

Life is Pain

If I fall down, I am not going to feel pain anymore, as life torturing me in every single way. I can't say STOP, as It keeps pushing to the ultimate pain.

The greatest pain in life when u give everything, but u get stapped in the back.To be ignored is of a great pain than any other negative feelings.

To lose a person who loves and cares to another who simply doesn't care at all. The pain that remains from that one special person's parting leaves you forever changed - And always wishing for that innocence to be restored.

Aggressive they may call you, but you have left with no mercy to share, with no life.

I might write different emotions, but the pain will exceed all the others, and flow like a stream of sadness covering my life.

The pain is spreading down deeply everywhere through my body from head to toe, but the worse part is kept in heart. wherever we go in life, whenever, the feeling is accumulating.

And ..the pain remains.

Apr 8, 2009

The Art of Food Combining

Justify Full

How we eat may be just as important as what we eat. The diets eaten by most people are based on the belief that any number of different foods can be digested at the same time. As sales of antacids soar off the charts, maybe it's time to rediscover the art of food combining.

This belief may be why more than half the population suffers from some sort of digestive distress for which there seems to be no remedy.

Indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome are modern phenomena

Our ancestors did not eat the way we do. Their diets were composted of one or two foods at a time as they came across them, with many meals consisting of nothing but animal protein. With the advent of agriculture, a more varied diet became available, but it was still based mainly on the consumption of meat, and dairy products. Vegetables and fruits were available only in their season, with the exception of a few root vegetables that could be stored. The food processing so taken for granted today had not yet been invented, and processed carbohydrates were not a part of the diet. Rolaids hadn't been invented either, and it appears that our ancestors did not suffer from the digestive problems so prevalent in modern times.

Dr. Hay used theory of food combining to regain his own health

The art of food combining is the brain child of Dr. William Hay who after several years of medical practice found his own health in shambles. Suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease and weight gain, he decided to take a close look not only at what he was eating but how he was eating it.

His discoveries and dietary changes brought him remission of symptoms and reduction of weight by 50 pounds in just a few months. And like most theorists who have come up with an idea that really benefits people, Dr. Hay was ridiculed by his peers. Today, the scientific community is finding evidence that Dr. Hay was onto something. Research is showing a connection between carbohydrates and allergies, diabetes, skin problems, migraines, depression, chronic fatigue, and psychiatric disorders.

Food combining reflects the principles governing digestion

The theory of food combining is based on the idea that good health results from a body that is slightly alkaline and attuned to the basic principles of digestion. It is a scientifically based system of selecting foods that are compatible from all that are available. By grouping the right foods together people can be assured of effortless digestion and more complete assimilation and use of nutrients by the body. When foods are correctly combined, nutrients from them can be used to their fullest extent to promote good health.

Digestion is facilitated by juices and enzymes produced in response to a cue from the food that has been eaten. The juices can be alkaline or acid depending on the requirement of the enzymes they contain. These enzymes are active only in a suitable media with well defined acid-alkaline ranges. They are destroyed by variation in those ranges. Carbohydrate foods stimulate the secretion of enzymes made specifically to break down carbohydrates, while protein foods require the secretion of enzymes made specifically to break down protein. Fats too have specific enzymes needs to facilitate their breakdown.

For example, the salivary enzyme, amylase, is produced in response to eating carbohydrates, and its job is to break down carbohydrates for digestion. Amylase is only active in an alkaline medium and is destroyed by a mildly acidic environment. The gastric enzyme, pepsin, is produced in response to eating protein, and its job is to break down protein for digestion. Pepsin is only active in an acid medium and is destroyed in an alkaline environment. While the body will produce juices and enzymes specific to any type of food that has been eaten, it is unable to do so when a variety of foods are eaten together. According to Dr. Hay, it is the combining at the same time of foods requiring both acid and alkaline medium for digestion that is responsible for 90 percent of digestive problems.

Good digestive outcome requires meals comprised of similar food types

When foods are improperly combined, fermentation in the digestive tract and digestive distress is the likely outcome. When foods eaten at a meal are of the same type, there is no fermentation and proper digestion is allowed to take place. The best way to avoid fermentation is to avoid mixing high protein foods with high carbohydrate foods. While almost every food contains some amount of protein, those with high concentration of protein remain in the stomach for several hours while the gastric juices and enzymes do their work. Depending on the complexity of the protein eaten, this time can be up to six hours.

Here are the basic rules of food combining:

Number one: Protein and carbohydrate concentrated foods

Breakdown of protein requires an acid medium, and digestion of protein dense animal products requires high levels of hydrochloric acid. Since digestion of carbohydrate dense foods requires an alkaline medium in order to be broken down, high carbohydrate foods that have been mixed with high protein foods will not digest but will sit there fermenting, producing indigestion, bloating and gas. And since this fermentation of carbohydrates will inhibit the digestion of the protein, more gas, bloating and discomfort will be produced. This makes the typical American meal, composed of a large hunk of meat along with potatoes and bread, a recipe for digestive disaster.

Dr. Hay's research found that most protein foods are best digested when accompanied by a fresh green salad. Other concentrated protein foods like nuts and seeds combine well with acid fruits such as oranges, pineapples blackberries, or strawberries. They also work fairly well with sub-acid fruits such as apples, cherries, mangos, or peaches. The vitamin C in these fruits aids digestion of the mixture.

Number two: Eating two concentrated proteins together

Each type of protein requires a specific character, strength and timing of digestive juice secretions. This means that no two types of concentrated protein should be consumed together at a meal. Nuts, meat, eggs, cheese, or other protein foods should not be eaten together. And no two types of animal protein should be eaten together, a rule that may be hard to swallow by the surf and turf crowd.

Number three: Protein and fats

Fats inhibit the secretion of gastric juices needed to digest meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, and eggs by as much as fifty percent. When fat concentrated foods are eaten with protein concentrated foods, the digestive breakdown of the fats is delayed until gastric juices complete their work on the complex proteins. This means fats will remain undigested in the stomach for a long period of time. Although some high protein foods also contain high amounts of fat, these fats will be held in suspension awaiting breakdown without impeding gastric action. However, free fats such as oil, butter and milk fat will coat the gastric mucosa, inhibiting gastric juice. This is why fried chicken is so hard to digest.

Number four: Acid fruits with carbohydrates

The enzyme in saliva that begins the breakdown of starch concentrated foods in the mouth does the important job of converting complex starch molecules into more simple sugars. In order to work, the enzyme requires a neutral or slightly alkaline medium, the natural condition found in the mouth. When acid foods are eaten, the action of the enzyme needed to break down starch is halted because the medium needed has been altered. Thus acid fruits should not be eaten at the same meal as sweet fruits or other starches. This combination is what makes spaghetti and other dishes combining tomatoes with starch so bloating.

Number five: Acid fruits with protein

Oranges, tomatoes, lemons, pineapples and other acid fruits can be easily digested and produce no distress when eaten away from starchy and protein foods. However, when included in a meal that contains a protein concentrated food, the acid fruits seriously hamper protein digestion. This is in part what makes the typical American breakfast of orange juice, bacon, eggs and toast such a digestive nightmare

Number six: Starch and sugar

Eating starches that have been disguised as sweets is not a good way to eat starch. Although the "treat" produces an abundance of saliva, the saliva contains none of the enzyme needed to digest the starch because the sugar has turned the environment acidic. This is why such items as fruit filled Danish settle on the digestive tract like a sack of bricks. The carbohydrates are fermenting in the body, producing noxious gases.

Number seven: Consuming melons

Melons should not be consumed with any other foods. Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and the more exotic melons should always be eaten away from mealtime and alone. Melons are meant to decompose quickly in the digestive system, which is what they will do if there is no interfering with the process.

Number eight: Consuming milk

Milk is best left to babies who traditionally consume it alone, away from other foods. Milk does not digest in the stomach, but in the duodenum, so the presence of milk in the stomach does not promote secretion of gastric juice. The use of acid fruits with milk does not cause any digestive difficulty, although the benefits of the antioxidant potential of the fruits may be lost due to the affinity they have for the protein in milk.

The goal of food combining is digestive bliss

If all this seems overwhelming, especially at first, here is the bottom line. Starches, fats, and green vegetables may be eaten together as they require either an alkaline or neutral medium for their digestion. Similarly, protein foods, green vegetables, sugars and acid fruits may be eaten together as they require an acid or neutral medium for their digestion. Starches and proteins, fats and proteins, proteins and acid fruits, starch and acid fruits, and starch and sugars should not be eaten together for those people looking to attain optimal digestion and gastric comfort.

Meals that contain the smallest number of courses will produce better digestive results. A one course meal is ideal. As a general rule, simple meals are more conducive to good health than are more elaborate meals, no matter how much attention the person planning the meal has devoted to food combining.

As the typical American meal consisting of protein, carbohydrates and fats may remain in the stomach for up to six hours, the potential is there for several hours of digestive misery. And remember, carbohydrates are always the last to be digested. If another meal is eaten before the first one has completely digested, the protein is again digested first, leaving the carbohydrates to be stored as fat. This is why weight loss is a secondary benefit to food combining. When foods are properly combined, they are not stored in a line waiting to be digested.

On the other hand, carbohydrates eaten without proteins remain in the stomach for about one hour or even less. A fruit meal remains in the stomach for an even shorter period of time. The ideal regimen of food combining would be a fruit meal for breakfast, a starch meal with a vegetable salad or non-starchy vegetables for lunch, and a protein meal with a salad and non-starch vegetables for dinner.


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Mar 5, 2009

أرواح معذبة

منذ أن بدات سلسة الأرواح وأنا أستشعر أرواح الناس من حولي .. معظمها أرواح معذبة يحتبسها ذلك الجسد الفاني و يشكلها أعمال صاحبها

مسيكنة تلك الأرواح كم من الحسد والحقد والطمع والكم الهائل من القبح الروحي يحتويها .. حتى باتت تلك الأرواح تائهة لا تعلم ماذا تريد من هذه الدنيا فتتخبط في كل طريق تارة في سبيل المال وتارة أخرى في سبيل المنصب والكرسي والجاه والشهرة .. يالها من عناوين براقة تأخذ بألباب من يملكون بين أضلاعهم أرواحا معـذبة

الغريب في الأمر أنهم يستذبحون أنفسهم في سبيل الوصول إلى مآربهم التي يعتقدون أنها ستحقق لهم شيئا
فيسعون ولا ينامون الليل من أجل دنيا زائلة فانية ثم يأتي يوم يكتشفون أنهم و بعد كل انتصار ووصول لمأرب وصلوه بالغش والخداع واستغلال الناس بالباطل بأنهم يفتقدون لذة النصر و يشعرون أنهم لم يحصلوا على ما يريدون فعلا فهم لا يعرفون ماذا يريدون

شعور غريب والأغرب أن هؤلاء لا يفتقدون إلى معرفة .. ولكنهم ببساطة يفتقدون إلى المنطق والعقل والحكمة و بالتالي هم يملكون أرواحا معذبة

تحيط بي تلك الأرواح وأشعر بينها بالغربة فلا أريد أن اكون بينها بل امتعظ فعالها .. وسأكتفي بالكلام .. فليس للكلام جدوى وانا اتأمل هذه الحياة و وشعور كبير في داخلي يتمنى لو لم أكن موجودة هنا بالذات حتى لا أرى الحرب الدائرة بين أشياء صغيرة في قيمتها قليلة في قدرها
أسمها : أرواح معذبة

بعد ما صادفته خلال اهذه الأيام .. سوف أكتفي بهذا القدر من الحديث

Feb 27, 2009

سلسلة عالم الأرواح -2

لقد حاول الإنسان منذ القدم أن يعرف ما هي الروح وما هو الموت، ومع عصر التفجر العلمي في القرن العشرين بدأ الإنسان بالاستعانة بالأجهزة العلمية الدقيقة في دراسة الروح... واعترفت الكثير من الجامعات العلمية بهذا العلم في أوروبا وأمريكا فخصصت له مقعداً للتدريس والتعليم مع غيره من الظواهر التي تسمى ما وراء الطبيعة. وكان أولها في جامعة كامبردج سنة 1940م ثم اكسفورد سنة 1943م ثم تتابعت الجامعات. كذلك تكونت جمعيات أهلية كثيرة في أنحاء العالم من الهواة والباحثين الجادين تتبادل الدراسات والتجارب العلمية. ولها مجلات دورية مثل المجلة الروحية في أمريكا وإنجلترا... وهم يعقدون الكثير من المؤتمرات والندوات تماماً كما تفعل الجماعات الطبية والعلمية ويتبادلون آخر ما توصلوا إليه من علم. ومن أوائل التجارب التي كانوا يجرونها أن يضعوا إنساناً يحتضرعلى جهاز به ميزان لتقدير وزن الروح بعد خروجها من الجسم باستعمال جهاز الاي جي جي لقياس ذبذبات المخ الكهربائية أثناء الوفاة كما استعملوا ذات الجهاز لرسم ذبذبات القلب

كذلك وضعوا كاميرات خاصة تعمل بالأشعة تحت الحمراء لتصوير الروح أثناء خروجها
infra red photography

حيث وجد أنها لا تظهر بالضوء العادي. وقد وجد العلماء إرتباطاً كبيراً بين علم الأرواح
وعلم التنويم
المغناطيسي (هيبنوزس) وعلم التخاطر
و نقل الأفكارعن بعد
وأيضاً علوم دراسة الأشباح والجن

ولم يعد علم الأرواح قاصراً على التسلية والهواية أو كشف المجهول... بل دخل مجال العلاج
الطبي وخاصة في الأمراض التي عجز الطب الحديث عن شفائها مثل الصرع والجنون والشيزوفرينيا وألفت في ذلك الكثير من الكتب والمجلات وبعضهم استطاع إجراء عمليات جراحية بالأرواح وإخراج الأورام من جسم الإنسان في مؤتمر عام وبشهود من الأطباء.

وتعرف الروح في نظر العلم الحديث بأنها عبارة عن موجات ذات تردد عالي وأنها موجودة بيننا في كل مكان وفي العالم الأثيري... ولكننا لا نراها ولا نسمع صوتها بسبب عجز العين البشرية والأذن عن ذلك... فقد ثبت علمياً أن العين البشرية لا ترى إلا في حدود معينة هي ألوان الطيف . فالضوء الأحمر الذي نراه بالعين له ذبذبة ( 4×10 10) = 400 ألف مليون ذبذبة / ثانية... أما الضوء تحت الأحمر الأقل من ذلك فلا تراه العين، والضوء البنفسجي له تردد ( 7× 10 10 ) = 700 ألف مليون ذبذبة / ثانية فإن زاد عن ذلك في الأشعة فوق البنفسجية فلا نراها, وقد قدروا الأرواح بأنها ذبذبة أعلى من فوق البنفسجية وأقل من الذبذبة الحمراء .

ونفس الشيء بالنسبة للأذن البشرية التي تسمع فقط من 20 ذبذبة / ثانية وحتى 000 و20 ذبذبة وما زاد عن ذلك فلا تسمعه، وقد ثبت بالتجربة أن بعض الحيوانات كالكلاب والقطط والخيل تسمع أكثر مما يسمعه الإنسان، ولذلك تراها تجفل أو تصرخ فجأة لأنها تسمع ما لا نسمعه نحن... ويقسم علماء الأرواح الأدلة إلى نوعين ذهني ومادي فمن النوع الأول الذهني ظاهرة التخاطر (telesphy).
وظاهرة الرؤية عن بعد

(clain voiance)

وظاهرة الخطاب المباشر الذي تستعمل فيه الروح حنجرة الوسيط ونتكلم بلغتها الأصلية التي قد لا يعرفها الوسيط.

أما الأدلة المادية فمنها نظرية التجسيد
،ونظرية التصوير الروحي السيكك فوتوغرافي وهو علم جديد ظهر في السنوات الأخيرة فقط بعد اختراع أفلام خاصة. وآخر ما وصلت إليه الدراسات في ماده (الدي ان ايه) التي يعتقد العلماء أنها تمثل مادة الحياة والروح في الخلية الحية واكتشاف تركيبها الكيميائي، وقد نال الكشف عن ذلك جائزة نوبل. ورغم كل هذه الأبحاث والإنجازات فما زالت الإنسانية في أول الطريق وما زال موضوع الروح أحد الأسرارالغامضة على العلم، وما يزال الدين هو مصدر العلم الرئيسي عن سر الروح

هذا من ناحية العلم المادي الحديث وظاهرة الروح .. ولي عروج على ظاهرة الروح في المنظورين الديني والدنيوي في الموضوع الآخر بإذن الله

Feb 26, 2009

العيد الوطني ال48

لي عودة لسرد موضوع الأرواح مجددا بإذن الله ولكنني أود أن أعبر اليوم عن حبي لبلدي الكويت في عيدنا الوطني ال48 وأتمنى أن يعم الخيرعلى بلدي الكويت و تتقدم هذه الأرض الطيبة و ترتفع بكل المجالات بإذن الله تعالى, وندعو الله الغلي القدير أن يعم علينا بالازدهار والرقي والتقدم .. فالكويت موطأ أقدامنا و منزلنا و البقعة التي ولدنا فيها وترعرعنا ... هي جيراننا أخواننا أصدقاؤنا ذوونا أبناؤنا أعمامنا .. هي كل شي .. كل أهل الكويت هم الكويت .. وما زلت أذكر الدكتور فلان الذي قابلته في مؤتمر في الممكلة المتحدة (كامبرج) و هو من أصل أردني شاءت الصدفة أن يكون من الكويت ومن نفس الجامعة التي أعمل فيها بل ومن نفس الكلية أيضا .. هذا الدكتور وفي ذلك اليوم الذي وجدته متجها إلى مبادرا بالسلام يسألني عن جنسيتي وعندما قلت له بأنني كويتية ومن جامعه الكويت كلية كذا سعد كثيرا وقال : يا لمحاسن الصدف إن الكويت فعلا بلد خير تبعث باساتذتها فنلتقي بالصدفة هنا ونحن من نفس الكلية من خير الكويت أتينا ..ثم أردف قائلا: فعلا الكويت أعطتني الكثير وما زالت و لن أوفي حقها مهما حييت

نعم فالكويت أعطتنا الكثير .. كما تعطي الأم لأبنائها .. فهل نكون أبناءا بارين بحضنها الحنون؟ وهل نحافظ على الأمانة .. أمانة الحفاظ على هذا الوطن الغالي ؟ أرجو أن يفكر كل إنسان حر سوي يعيش على هذه الأرض الطيبة بما قدمه للكويت وهل قدم شيئا يعفيه عنه رب العباد يوم الميعاد ؟
نتمنى أن نكون من المحافظين على هذه الأرض الطيبة ولسنا ممن يعيشون مستغلين كل شئ حتى أهاليهم وذويههم من أجل المصالح الشخصية والمنافع الفردية والمحسوبيات على قاعدة الكيل بمكبالين

عاشت لنا الكويت حرة أبية مستقرة

وحفظها الله من كل مكروه

دمتم بود

Feb 14, 2009

Spiritual wolrd - (سلسلة عالم الأرواح)

قررت أن أبدأ سلسلة من المواضيع تدور حول أهم مكونات الإنسان وهي الروح.. وبعد أن شعرت بأن روحي عليلة وعلتها تكمن في داء فراقها .. وهو داء ليس له دواء سوى الصبر والبحث عن طريق سوي للثبات عليه دون تزعزع حتى يتأتي الفرج

الروح هي حقا جوهرالإنسان والإنسان المؤمن يحيا
في هذه الدنيا ليصل إلى الكمال الروحي ووفي رحلة حياته يسمو لهذا الهدف حتى تنتهي حياته وتعرج روحه إلى مثواها الأخير مطمئنة راضية مرضية لتدخل جنات الخلد

دار الدنيا هي الامتحان الذي يحدد عمر الجسد .. نعيش ويمتحننا الله وخلال سني حياتنا يتم اقتفاء آثارتلك الروح والله عزوجل قدرلكل روح متى تنسلخ من هذا الجسد وإن انسلاخ الروح قد يكون سهلا أو صعبا بحسب تعلق هذه الروح بالماديات .. فكلما كانت الروح بعيدة عن المادة متوجهه لله كلما كان انسلاخها سهلا يسيرا بل مفرحا وسعيدا لصاحب تلك الروح وكلما كانت الروح متعلقة بالماديات (أي الدينا) كلما أصبح الانسلاخ صعبا شديدا

معادلة صعبة في ظل الحياة المادية التي نعيشها .. قد يظن البعض ذلك ولكن الأمر لا يتحقق بأن نبتعد عن الماديات ونعيش حياة الصوفية معتزلين الدنيا على سفح جبل بل قد نعيش في عمق الماديات وقد يحيط بنا زبرج الدنيا وزخرفها ولكننا لا نشعر بتعلقنا بكل ذلك بل نعيش منقطعين عن تلك البيئة ولا يضرنا لو فقدناها أو حفظناها .. تلك هي قمة الانسلاخ من الدنيا رغم وجودنا فيها .. هنالك قصص كثيرة عن حالات لانسلاخ الروح من الجسد لبعض الذين روضوا أرواحهم وهذبوها بحيث استطاعوا أن يصلوا لتك المرحلة من الشفافية فتنسلخ أرواحهم من أجسادهم حتى وهم بين اليقظة والمنام

ولعل النوم والتنويم المغناطيسي هو مثال عن انسلاخ الروح من الجسد إلا أنه انسلاخ مؤقت و يختلف ببعض وجوهه عن انسلاخ الروح جراء الموت . لذا سمى النوم بالموت الأصغر

كانت هذه مقدمة للموضوع و ولنا تتمة بإذن الله

Feb 4, 2009

What is white phosphorus?

I've received this .. everybody must see !

What is white phosphorus?

The bellow photos are not a Movie Shooting or Celebrating a festival with crackers...

its a school in Gaza .. this is the current situation of the innocent people in Gaza !!1

Make sure you read till last to know what is white phosphorus! and the effect



Jan 21, 2009

مدونو العم سام

أعلنت وزارة الهجرة والاستيعاب الاسرائيلية عن تشكيل "جيش المدونين"، المكون من اسرائيليين يتحدثون لغة ثانية، ليمثلوا اسرائيل في المدونات "المناهضة للصهيونية" والتي تنتشر بلغات فرنسية وألمانية وإنجليزية وإسبانية، وذلك وفق تقارير صحفية نشرتها الصحف الاسرائيلية الاثنين 19-1-2009 .

ووصفت إحدى الصحف الاسرائيلية قرار الحكومة هذا بأنه "سلاح جديد على جبهة العلاقات العامة والدبلوماسية التي تقوم بها إسرائيل".

وذكرت صحيفة "هآرتز" إن ساندرين بيتوسي، 31 عاما، كانت أول المتطوعين في هذا الجيش، وهي فتاة تقيم في "كفر ميمون" القريبة من غزة والتي قالت : قررت المشاركة فور سماعي عن الأمر في الراديو وذلك لأني في وسط الصراع


الغريب أنه ما زال هنالك (بعض) من المدونين الكويتين ممن يتفانون في الدفاع عن إسرائيل والصهيونية بمنطق متصهين ملتوي .. و يحاربون بضراوة النضال والكفاح الفسطيني في غزة. أخص بذلك الكويتيين كوني مطلعة على مدوناتهم أكثر من أي مدونات إقليمية أخرى, وهذا يعطينا مؤشرات بأن هؤلاء المدونين إما مجندين من قبل مؤسسات صهيونية ... أو أنهم ببساطة جهلاء توجههم عقول سفيهة بداعي العصبية القبيلة لتياراتهم الفكرية, والأفضل لهؤلاء أن يؤخذوا العبرة من حليفة الصهاينة أمريكا وما يحدث لها الآن من انهيار وتلاشي لاقتصادها القومي .. وما تحمله الأيام فهو أدهى وأمر للامريكيين .. والسبب الرئيسي لذلك هو الموقف الأمريكي الداعم لإسرائيل اللقيطة المجرمة

أمريكا و إسرائيل وجهان لعملة واحده ... مآلها الزوال

ولكن ما هو وجه هؤلاء المدونو
ن ؟؟ من أي عملة هم وما الذي يريدون الوصول إليه من تلك المواقف المخزية ؟؟ تساؤلات لن تجيب عليها إلا الأيام المقبلة التي ستسطر النهاية المأساوية لكل من يسير على خطى الباطل والفساد

ولكم بالاحتلال العراقي على دولة الكويت عبرة يا أولي الألباب ..
فكل من كان يصفق و يهتف لصدام قبل الغزو الغاشم للكويت من هؤلاء ..
أخذته الصدمة و بلع لسانه ومنهم من أصبح أخرسا
وكلمتي لهؤلاء المدونين: خرست ألسن تدعو لباطل يا أصدقاء أمريكا وإسرائيل

Jan 20, 2009

Humanitarian people of the west

What happened in Gaza gave me a clear view on how SOME of my people in Kuwait and the middle east think .. some of them have really a shameful decrees. Anyway .. I don't want to talk about this, but what I really want to focus on is how brave some humanitarian people are in the west. See the following videos:

Ken Livingstone | Stop Gaza Massacre protest London (Saturday 3 January 2009)

Annie Lennox | Stop Gaza Massacre protest London (Saturday 3 January 2009)

Claire Short | Stop Gaza Massacre protest London (Saturday 3 January 2009)

Brian Eno | Stop Gaza Massacre protest London (Saturday 3 January 2009)

Jeremy Corbyn | Stop Gaza Massacre protest London Saturday 3 January 2009

Sarah Teather | Stop Gaza Massacre protest London Saturday 3 January 2009

And there is always more, whenever there's right to obtain.

Jan 18, 2009

HAMAS .. The victory is yours

What happened is Gaza is just a part of what is happening in the mind of the world leaders for terminating freedom people. The resistance of Gaza people and Hamas surprised Israel.

The head of the loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc MP Mohamad Raad stressed the resistance in the Gaza Strip has learned from the resistance in south Lebanon. Speaking the southern city of Nabatiyeh during a Ashura event, Raad said that Israel will be surprised of some of the Palestinian resistance’s capabilities that would eventually change the equation. He added that the time factor plays an essential role in determining the results of the war, although the battle itself is not balanced. The Hezbollah MP also stressed the resistance in Lebanon had been patient particularly in the 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon, and the result he added, was a new equation not only in Lebanon but in the whole region.

One of Israel’s sternest critics, Professor Richard Falk, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, said this week that Israel was losing the battle for legitimacy. What did he mean? The answer came from the angry crowds demonstrating in cities across the world. For them, Israel’s cruel assault on the helpless population of Gaza means that the Jewish state has lost its honour, its good name (or what small part of it is still intact), its threadbare claim to live by ‘civilized Western values’.
Some demonstrators carried banners comparing Israel’s cruel actions to Nazi barbarism against the Jews. The massacre in Gaza is just one too many to stomach, one too many after the long list of atrocities, from Deir Yassin onwards, that Israel has perpetrated against the Palestinians, the Lebanese and other Arabs since it emerged brutally at the heart of the region six decades ago.

Yet, most Israelis cheered on their soldiers in their gruesome task. Brainwashed by cynical leaders and by a compliant media, they seemed to believe that their country is waging a ‘just war’ in Gaza. The rest of the world knows better. And so do a handful of far-sighted Israelis, who - to their great credit - represent the troubled conscience of their violently aggressive country.

Uri Avnery, Israel’s oldest and most relentlessly- consistent peace campaigner, wrote this week: ‘What will be seared into the consciousness of the world will be the image of Israel as a blood-stained monster… This will have severe consequences for our long-term future… In the end, this war is a crime against ourselves too, a crime against the State of Isra

The Israeli terrorism left no space in the world's heart but to fight the name of Israel.

Jan 12, 2009

Coffee mixed with Innocent's Blood


"Starbucks and McDonalds are donating their next 2 weeks of earned revenue to Israel. Please BOYCOTT them and forward this message to everyone you know."

For Mackdonalds see this website:

First, what is Starbucks?


Starbucks Coffee Stores (4,709 locations world-wide) see[8][9][10] for details.

Starbucks coffee, chocolates, biscuits & ice-cream products

Seattle Coffee Company in the United Kingdom with more than 60 retail locations (aquired 1998).

Pasqua Inc., a San Francisco based coffee retailer in (aquired 1998).

Hear Music, a San Francisco based music company (aquired 1999).

Tazo®, a Portland, Oregon based tea company (aquired 1999).

Howard Shultz, the chairman of Starbucks is an active Zionist.

In 1998 he was honoured by the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah with "The Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award" for his services to the zionist state in "playing a key role in promoting close alliance between the United States and Israel". The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah funds israeli arms fairs chaired by the butcher of Jenin - General Shaul Mofaz, and the zionist propaganda website[1]

His work as a propagandist for Israel has been praised by the Israeli Foreign Ministry as being key to Israel's long-term PR success [2].

Recently whilst the Israeli army was slaughtering Palestinians in Jenin, Nabulus and Bethlehem he made a provocative speech blaming the Palestinians of terrorism, suggesting the intifada was a manifestation of anti- Semitism, and asked people to unite behind Israel [3].

At a time when other businesses were desperately pulling out of Israel, Starbucks decided to help Israel's floundering economy and invest in Israel - a joint venture with Israeli conglomerate Delek Group for Starbucks outlets in Israel ( Shalom Coffee Co).[4][5][6]. A bad business decision - Starbucks made heavy losses and in April 2003 Starbucks were forced to announced that all 6 Starbucks cafes in Israel will be shut down and its partnership with Delek end.[14]

It has been revealed that Starbucks still continues to support Israel by sponsoring fund raisers for Israel.[15]

Starbucks Sponsors Israel Fundraiser

Bowl 4 Israel
Bowl-A-Thon 2002 & Bowl-A-Thon 2003 (9 Nov, 2003)

Starbucks sponsors "bowl 4 Israel", one of the fund raisers for Israel organised by Elie Haller. Her last fund raiser was a barbecue that "raised $15,000 for a paratrooper unit in the Israel Defense Forces".[a] This time the money raised - some $50,000 was to be distributed to families of "Israeli terror victims" by the Israel Emergency Solidarity Fund (One Family).[a] [d] Innocent enough you may think, but you'd be wrong - apparently their definition of "terror victim" includes Israeli soldiers who were killed whilst they were butchering Palestinian women and children during the Jenin massacre (April 2002). For April 2002, their spending record includes the following entry:

"P. W. lost his brother S. in an anti-terror operation in Jenin April 8, 2002. The family is left with eight children, of whom P. is the first to get married. One Family (Israel Emergency Solidarity Fund) gave them $1000 toward the wedding."[c]

So the fund rewards the families of war criminals for a job well done!

See [11] for suggested action against Starbucks.

Oxfam has misguidedly partnered with Starbucks in return for £100,000 - please support our "Campaign Against Oxfam Agreement with Starbucks". But this has been terminated by Oxfam in 2005; See

Starbucks fully supports Bush's war of terror and has opened a Starbucks in Afghanistan for the US invaders - they like to do there bit to help the occupation.[17]

Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award

Howard Schultz was presented with "The Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award" by the The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah in August 27, 1998. [a][e]

According to the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah "The Friends of Zion award salutes leaders who have played key roles in promoting close alliance between the United States and Israel"[e]

Awards Page Mystery

Its interesting that the Israel 50th Anniversary Award given to Howard Schultz was once displayed with pride on the Starbucks website on the companys "Awards and Accolades" page but since the boycott started biting it has mysteriously disappeared from the page![a]

Original page(above) listing Howard Shultz Israel Award as an award for Starbucks can still be seen at the following Starbucks

The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah

1. The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah sponsors Israeli military arms fairs chaired by the butcher of Jenin - General Shaul Mofaz, Israel's Minister of Defense. It aims to "strengthen the special connection between the American, European and Israeli defense industries" and "to showcase the newest Israeli innovations in defense".[f]

2. The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah also sponsors the zionist propaganda website "".[g]

3. The Aish HaTorah, the main beneficiary of The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah, whilst described as an apolitical international network of Jewish education centres, produces propaganda material for Israel.

One video they produce by Rabbi Ken Spiro titled "The Islamic Connection to Jerusalem" starts "The Islamic connection begins in the 7th century, thousands of years after the original Jewish connection.." and continues to belittle Jerusalem's Islamic heritage - propaganda to justify Israeli occupation of Jerusalem.[b]

Also featured on their site is "The Occupied Territories - A Primer" which denies the status of the West Bank and Gaza as "occupied" and argues that they be called "disputed territories"..[c]

No wonder they were praised by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu:

"..I congratulate Aish HaTorah for what they're doing, where they're doing it, and for whom they're doing it."[d]

(original still available at )


Jerusalem Report

Losing the Media Battle (April 22, 2002)

"... The key to Israel’s long-term PR success, Meir(*) believes, is on the campuses of North America and Europe. Wealthy Jews like Howard Schultz, the owner of the Starbucks chain, are helping with student projects, including seminars held in both Israel and North America, in which students hear Israeli presentations on the crisis...."

(*) Gideon Meir, the official in charge of the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s PR effort.


Jan 9, 2009

Toward the end of Israel

Zionist (Israel's) terrorism on Gaza continues, but this time leading to the END of ISRAEL.This was written in the bible, Torah and the Quran.

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful: "Thus, when the second time comes to pass, they will defeat you and enter the masjid, just as they did the first time. They will wipe out all the gains you had accomplished." (Isra 17-7) "We addressed the Children of Israel in the scripture: "You will commit gross evil on earth, twice. You are destined to fall into great heights of arrogance" (Isra 17-1)

Jewish-Zionist conspiracy in the world will ends with the destruction and disappearance of what is called: Israel.



damn on Israel and America ...

the end of Israel is coming soon.


IHRC (Islamic Human Rights Commission) sent a team to attend the UN World Conference Against Racism in Durban (Aug-Sept 2001).

Three out of the team of twelve were anti-zionist Orthodox Rabbis from the Neuteri Karta. In this lecture Massoud Shadjareh describes what happened and how the NGO conference managed to achieve its historic declaration condemning zionism as racism and Israel for genocide, resulting in a US/Israel walkout. The lecture is in two parts (to accommodate prayer time in between), each part is about 25 minutes long.Orthodox Jews and pro-Palestinian supporters united in

a protest march against zionism in Durban, South Africa, Friday Aug. 31, 2001 to coincide with the opening of the UN Racism Conference. The series of photographs on the banner show Mohammed al-Dura, 12, crouching behind his father Jamal al-Dura with Israeli forces shooting at them (September 2000). Mohammed was shot dead by the Israelis, the murder was captured on video. (AP Photo/Karel Prinsloo)

Rabbi Mordecai Weberman (R) and Massoud Shadjareh (L) (REUTERS/Mike Hutchings)

We were standing with the Rabbis with placards, each holding the others shoulders and walking through the NGO campus and saying that we have come united shoulder to shoulder united against zionism. We were giving 30-35 interviews a day... And the message we were giving was very clear, both ourselves and the Rabbis were giving the same exact message: We were saying that the way you got rid of apartheid and black and white could start living together, if you get rid of zionism then we have no problem living together either here or anywhere else, we don't have anything inherently against each other, we have lived together for generations in the past and there is no reason why we cannot live for generations together in the future, but its the evil of zionism which is actually preventing this. The Rabbis were giving talks on that, we were giving talks on that. Every single night we didn't get to our home and able to go to bed before 12:30 - 1:30 because we were giving talks all everywhere... And I think in many ways this was the turning point in the whole conference because the one thing we went down there to remove is the fear that the minute you stand against zionism you are going to be accused of being anti-Semitic and we wanted to remove this fear and we felt if we remove this fear and expose this then ordinary NGOs will stand up on the right side and this is exactly what happened... The NGO declaration included : zionism is racism, Israel is an apartheid state, and Israel has committed 'genocide'... At this point the Americans and Israelis decided its too much for them and got up and left..."


Jan 8, 2009

Kuwait, USA and GAZA !

Is the deteriorating situation in Gaza strip and in Palestinian refugee camps is rising the ire of many sectors of civil society in the world, who can hardly understand why the international silence towards this tragedy. I see loyalty, humanity, open minds from human rights fighters in UK, Turkey, Venezuela, Switzerland, and many parts of the world. While the official attitude has been the look for balance and impartiality in the center of pressure from several quarters, the observers note a significant change in the direction of the public opinion about what is happening in the Middle East.

Lets see what is happening in some parts of the world, according to press Karen Wenger, who worked for the Swiss newspapers in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank for several years: "the direction of the Swiss public opinion turned upside down , as compared to its position during the 1967 war. Today the majority of Swiss do not have a compelling reason to explain the violence, which is treated by the Israeli neighbors the Palestinians".

This is reflected in support and advocate the position through various forms, some formal, and most, popular, voluntary, and the uniqueness of the many associations and non-governmental organizations across the territory Swiss efforts to support this, Kaltroyj of Palestinian agricultural products (olive oil), or the Palestinian clothing (scarf), and other organizations responsible for the provision of social benefits, and campaigns to sensitize and educate, organize trips to the occupied territories in order to look at the situation and provide assistance field.

These efforts have sometimes taken the form of individual initiatives, says Mirai Klavia, the active international support for the Palestinian issue, the Israeli authorities prevented them from entering the occupied territories, since 2002 in the name of the "security situation": "I set up a web site devoted to news that the siege imposed on Gaza, and devote part of my time to the activities within the "pro-Palestine", as well as overseeing the project to establish a cultural center in the Bureij refugee camp in Gaza. "

Swiss has multiple associations and civil organizations to support the Palestinian people, and the "Rights for All", which was founded in 2000 to demand the application of international resolutions on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. "we work in order to avoid allegations to justify Israeli oppression toward Palestinian people, and to mobilize public support in Switzerland to support the legitimate rights of the Palestinians" , as the says Anwar, Chairman of the Assembly.

He adds that, through hard work and continuous, "congregated" around many of the supporters of the right, justice shows us that there is a need to create a media center in the street directly dealing with the Swiss public in Geneva in particular."

To reflect these objectives, the Assembly installed an information booth in a street in the city at the beginning of each month, distributed leaflets and engage in conversations with passers-by, and explain the suffering of the Palestinian people and their right to recover their rights, which are stolen from them.

One of the most recent initiatives of the "rights for all"supervision organization and coordination is"the European campaign to lift the siege", a journey in which many of Swiss and European parliamentarians, and the goal is "to inform European officials of the suffering human being and a half million Palestinians trapped in tragic situations," as Anwar says.

President of the General hopes that this campaign is to enable residents of Gaza Strip to obtain the shipments of drugs from the health institutions in canton Vaud, and to consider seriously the establishment of a program to train Palestinian police forces operating in the sector, and to establish a twinning between the educational institutions and other Swiss in Gaza Strip.

So the question is .. what are the Kuwaitis efforts toward Gaza ?!!!! Some people
still expressing loyalty , devotion, dependent and gratitude to the United States of America and dancing for Obama's successful campaign !! Still there are some people of Kuwait who are dying for the liberal American life style.

Does America have kept any room to say that some of the losers in the American justice or freedom or democracy has become a symbol of the ploys of injustice and oppression and tyranny, and God.

See this link:

Jan 5, 2009

تسقـــــــــــــــط إسرائيـــــــل-2

تسقـــــــــــــــط إسرائيـــــــل

تحية إلى أهل غزة

للشاعر أحمد مطر

ارفعوا أقلامَكمْ عنها قليلا
واملأوا أفواهكم صمتاً طويل
لا تُجيبوا دعوةَ القدسِ
وَلَوْ بالهَمْس
ِكي لا تسلبوا أطفالها الموت النَّبيلا !
دُونَكم هذي الفَضائيّات
ُفاستَوْفوا بها (غادَرَ أوعادَ)
وبُوسوا بَعْضَكُم
ْوارتشفوا قالاً وقيلا
ثُمَّ عُودوا..وَاتركوا القُدسَ لمولاها
فما أَعظَم بَلْواها
إذا فَرَّتْ مِنَ الباغي
لِكَيْ تلقى الوكيلا !
* * *
طَفَحَ الكَيْلُ
وَقدْ آنْ لَكُم
ْأَنْ تسَمعوا قولا ًثقيلا
:نَحنُ لا نَجهلُ منْ أَنتُم
غَسلناكُمْ جميعا وَعَصرناكُم
ْوَجَفَّفنا الغسيلا
إِنَّنا لَسْنا نَرى مُغتصِبَ القُدْسِ
يهوديّاً دخيلا
فَهْو لَمْ يَقْطَعْ لنا شبراً مِنَ الأَوْطان
ِلو لَمْ تقطعوا من دُونِهِ عَنَّا السَّبيلا
أَنتُمُ الأَعداء
ُيا مَنْ قد نَزعْتُمْ صِفَةَ الإنسان
مِنْ أَعماقِنا جيلاً فَجيلا
واغتصبتُمْ أرضَنا مِنَّا
وكُنْتُمْ نِصفَ قَرْن
ٍلبلادِ العُرْبِ مُحتلاً أصيلا
أنتُمُ الأَعداءُ يا شُجعانَ سِلْمٍ
زَوَّجوا الظُّلْمَ بظُلْم
ٍوَبَنَوا للوَطَنِ المُحتلِّ عِشرينَ مثيلا !

* * *
أَتعُدُّونَ لنا مؤتمراً !
كَلاَّ .. كَفى
شكرأً جزيلا
لا البياناتُ سَتَبْني بَيْنَنا جِسرا
ًولا فَتْلُ الإداناتِ سَيُجديكمْ فتيلا
نَحنُ لا نَشْري صراخأً بالصَّواريخ
ِولا نَبتاعُ بالسَّيفِ صَليلا
نَحنُ لاُ نبدِلُ بالفُرسانِ أقنانا
ًولا نُبْدِلُ بالخَيْلِ صَهيلا
نَحنُ نرجو كلَّ من فيهِ بَقايا خَجلٍ
أَنْ يَستقيلا
نَحْنُ لا نَسْأَلكُمْ إلاّ الرَّحيلا
وَعلى رَغْم القباحاتِ التي خَلَّفتُموها
سَوْفَ لن ننسى لَكُمْ هذا الجميلا !

* * *
أمْ تَحسبونَ الله
َلم يَخلقْ لنا عَنْكُمْ بَديلا ؟!
أَيُّ إعجازٍ لَديكُمْ ؟
هل مِنَ الصَّعبِ على أيِّ امرئٍ
أن يَلبسَ العار
َوأنْ يُصيحَ للغربِ عَميلا ؟!
أَيُّ إنجازٍ لَديكُمْ ؟
هل من الصَّعبِ على القِرْد
ِإذا ما مَلكَ المِدْفَعَ
أن يَقْتلَ فِيلا ؟ !
ما افتخارُ اللِّص بالسَّلب
ِوما مِيزَهُ من يَلبُدُ بالدَّرب
ِليغتَال القَتيلا ؟!

* * *

احمِلوا أَسْلِحَةَ الذُّلِّ وولُّوا
كيفَ نُحيلُ الذُّلَّ بالأحجارعِزّا
ًوَنُذِلُّ المستحيلا


من قلبي إلى أهل غزة

إلى المحاصرين تحت النار ..
إلى المضيعيين بين شجب واعتراض وانكسار
إلى أرض خزت من عزها الأمم
يا أهل غزة الأعلون
لا تركعوا
فأنتم العزة
ما تقاعسنا لحظة عنكم
ولكkنا منعنا بسوط العذاب
أن نعبر إليكم
نحبكم يا أهل أرض قطعت منّا
من قلبنا
من عرضنا
أن الله أختاركم للشهادة
وأختارنا للهو واللعب