Apr 17, 2009

A Shattered Soul

From deep inside
I am shattered
I am suffering
I can't stand it
As life goes on
there is a part of me dying
even my mind is blown
by the shocking reality of life
I am losing memory of my life
memory of people who brought me sorrow
people who supposed to be my relatives and friends
but now they are too busy
to play the role of relatives and friends.

Is there will be an end to this misery?

but the most shocking reality is that
some people still envy me !
So I am screaming out loud
to all those people
come and take my life
becuase it doesn't worth it
I am just what remained of
a shattered soul


eshda3wa said...

nicely written

أحمد الحيدر said...

high sensitive pen ..

nice ..

The Doctor said...

eshda3wa ..
Thanks ;)

أحمد الحيدر
Thank you ..
it was a pencil maybe