Nov 24, 2010

Reading Club

I am back :) hopefully will post everyday as long as I can.

Something I've realized that enthusiasm is not found in Kuwait, well if its something you have to earn then definitely I can't earn it here.

Recently I'm establishing a reading club, hope this will add more excitement to my schedule. If you ask me why reading club ?

It all started when I first joined Kuwait University as an academic staff. I usually have several basic goals for my students. I want to make sure that as many students as possible are able to correctly learn material for any given class, but that’s just the beginning. I want to do my best to make my students curious people who will become lifelong learners as well as make sure all of my students improved in general. To reach this end, I tried to start an advanced reading club for the most advanced third year students. The experience was really fantastic and amazing.

Long story short, now I'm thinking of doing this as a social club started with my friends and we are now expanding the membership to the public. The club is really fun, we will meet regularly (once or twice a month) in fave cafes and discuss the book of the month in a different angels depending on the nature of the book and our interests by covering discussions including: art, psychology, romance, socialism ...etc.

I'm very excited for the idea along with my beloved friends. For more details, or if you wanna join please do not hesitate to email me on:

Note: this club is for girls only!

Oct 24, 2010

Discrimination !!

The amount of discrimination towards students in the Middle East varies from one region to another, however discrimination is a recurring motif amongst private schools in the Middle East; specifically in the oil-wealthy Arabian Gulf regions.

Those discriminated are the silent, a teacher can freely publicly harass a student, the result is often the teacher is left unscathed while the student suffers years of internal insecurity.

GES is one example that claims to prioritize morality in a hugely high extent, however that is proven to be an utter lie used to deceive parents into enrolling their students at the school. You see, the school does not prioritize morality in any degree, the school supports the system of prejudice and discrimination. The truth cannot be seen on the outside looking in, however in the inside looking in it becomes evident. The schools of Kuwait are controlled by amoral, insensitive humans. A teacher often mentally abuse their students. Morality is conforming to a standard of right behavior, it becomes clear after spending a few months at the school that the teachers lack a huge sense of conscience.

Feb 13, 2010

إبتهــــــــال .. الفقاعة راح تنبط

لدينا العديد من الشخصيات الأكاديمية التي تقحم نفسها في مجالات عدة و تتحدث عن كل شي بغرض إثبات أنها تعلم كل شي. من هي إبتهال لخطيب .. هي واحده من هؤلاء الباحثين عن الشهرة فهي تريد تسلق سلم الشهرة بأن تسلط عليها الأضواء من خلال إثارة مواضيع تخالف الفكرالعقلائي
عندما تتحدث عن الشذوذو الجنسي وتطلق عليه كما يسمى بين أوساط المحبين له ( المثلية الجنسية ) فإنها تعمد هي وغيرها إلى جعل الأمر وكأنه أمرا طبيعيا غير خارجا عن المألوف فهو فقط (مثليا) ولكن ليش شاذا في نظرها !!
ولكن الأمر لا يحتاج لتعريف ، فأي فعل مخالف للطبيعة و الفطرة أو لفعل العوام يعتبر فعل شاذ، و الفعل الشاذ له أسبابه لكونه شاذاَ, بل الأخت تصرح: أنا مع اعطاء المثليين جنسيا حقوقهم !!
علمياً :
الدراسات الموجودة حول الشذوذ الجنسي نسبت هذا الشذوذ في بادئ الأمر إلى كونه مرض نفسي و آفة لا بد منمعالجتها و نبذ أصحابها وعدم الاعتراف به كنوع من العلاقات الجنسية الطبيعية والسوية.

للأسف الأخت تخربط و لست هنا بغرض الرد على تفاهاتها فابتهال كغيرها من الفقاعات التي سوف تنفجر وتذهب هباءا .. فلم يعهد تاريخ الفكرالإنساني لأي فكر منحل بأن تبقى بصماته في أذهان الناس ..
وأنما ما ينفع الناس فيبقى
فأما الزبد فيذهب جفاء وأما ما ينفع الناس فيمكث في الأرض