Apr 14, 2009

Life is Pain

If I fall down, I am not going to feel pain anymore, as life torturing me in every single way. I can't say STOP, as It keeps pushing to the ultimate pain.

The greatest pain in life when u give everything, but u get stapped in the back.To be ignored is of a great pain than any other negative feelings.

To lose a person who loves and cares to another who simply doesn't care at all. The pain that remains from that one special person's parting leaves you forever changed - And always wishing for that innocence to be restored.

Aggressive they may call you, but you have left with no mercy to share, with no life.

I might write different emotions, but the pain will exceed all the others, and flow like a stream of sadness covering my life.

The pain is spreading down deeply everywhere through my body from head to toe, but the worse part is kept in heart. wherever we go in life, whenever, the feeling is accumulating.

And ..the pain remains.

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Anonymous said...

very interesting.