Jan 8, 2009

Kuwait, USA and GAZA !

Is the deteriorating situation in Gaza strip and in Palestinian refugee camps is rising the ire of many sectors of civil society in the world, who can hardly understand why the international silence towards this tragedy. I see loyalty, humanity, open minds from human rights fighters in UK, Turkey, Venezuela, Switzerland, and many parts of the world. While the official attitude has been the look for balance and impartiality in the center of pressure from several quarters, the observers note a significant change in the direction of the public opinion about what is happening in the Middle East.

Lets see what is happening in some parts of the world, according to press Karen Wenger, who worked for the Swiss newspapers in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank for several years: "the direction of the Swiss public opinion turned upside down , as compared to its position during the 1967 war. Today the majority of Swiss do not have a compelling reason to explain the violence, which is treated by the Israeli neighbors the Palestinians".

This is reflected in support and advocate the position through various forms, some formal, and most, popular, voluntary, and the uniqueness of the many associations and non-governmental organizations across the territory Swiss efforts to support this, Kaltroyj of Palestinian agricultural products (olive oil), or the Palestinian clothing (scarf), and other organizations responsible for the provision of social benefits, and campaigns to sensitize and educate, organize trips to the occupied territories in order to look at the situation and provide assistance field.

These efforts have sometimes taken the form of individual initiatives, says Mirai Klavia, the active international support for the Palestinian issue, the Israeli authorities prevented them from entering the occupied territories, since 2002 in the name of the "security situation": "I set up a web site devoted to news that the siege imposed on Gaza, and devote part of my time to the activities within the "pro-Palestine", as well as overseeing the project to establish a cultural center in the Bureij refugee camp in Gaza. "

Swiss has multiple associations and civil organizations to support the Palestinian people, and the "Rights for All", which was founded in 2000 to demand the application of international resolutions on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. "we work in order to avoid allegations to justify Israeli oppression toward Palestinian people, and to mobilize public support in Switzerland to support the legitimate rights of the Palestinians" , as the says Anwar, Chairman of the Assembly.

He adds that, through hard work and continuous, "congregated" around many of the supporters of the right, justice shows us that there is a need to create a media center in the street directly dealing with the Swiss public in Geneva in particular."

To reflect these objectives, the Assembly installed an information booth in a street in the city at the beginning of each month, distributed leaflets and engage in conversations with passers-by, and explain the suffering of the Palestinian people and their right to recover their rights, which are stolen from them.

One of the most recent initiatives of the "rights for all"supervision organization and coordination is"the European campaign to lift the siege", a journey in which many of Swiss and European parliamentarians, and the goal is "to inform European officials of the suffering human being and a half million Palestinians trapped in tragic situations," as Anwar says.

President of the General hopes that this campaign is to enable residents of Gaza Strip to obtain the shipments of drugs from the health institutions in canton Vaud, and to consider seriously the establishment of a program to train Palestinian police forces operating in the sector, and to establish a twinning between the educational institutions and other Swiss in Gaza Strip.

So the question is .. what are the Kuwaitis efforts toward Gaza ?!!!! Some people
still expressing loyalty , devotion, dependent and gratitude to the United States of America and dancing for Obama's successful campaign !! Still there are some people of Kuwait who are dying for the liberal American life style.

Does America have kept any room to say that some of the losers in the American justice or freedom or democracy has become a symbol of the ploys of injustice and oppression and tyranny, and God.

See this link: http://www.bigcampaign.org/


Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



The Doctor said...
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The Doctor said...


Thank you for passing by ..

I hope I can write more, especially for all the poor people, the vulnerable, the wronged in the ground, all the claimed victims, for the people of Gaza, the women, men and children of the Gaza Strip.

Lord beat the Zionists aggressors kill them by the Muslims.

Lord earthquake ground under the Zionism feet, and defeat them forever. Amen.

Best wishes

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thank u for all these nice information ..
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Suad..Thanks and good luck for u too.

U r welcome :)

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