Jan 10, 2010

Can we live longer ?!

Scientific evidences showed that humans have the capacity to lengthen their average life span by hundreds of years. Follow these instructions to live longer than expected:

1. Mental health : keep your life free of stress, depression, sadness and keep a circle of family and friends (i.e. maintain happiness).

2. V
itamin C as a key anti-aging agent.

3. Immediately remove the following from your life style: (smoking, alcohol, drugs, cholesterol increasing diet and chemicals in food (e.g. preservatives, colors,
sodium glutamate, aspartame, salt, etc..). Completely remove junk food and soft drinks from your diet.

4. Do exercises regularly (30-60 min. a day)

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables, decrease calories.

6. Maintain healthy weight, a
void saturated fats and cut out of meat.

Be faithful (religious).

8. Avoid too much sun.

9. Get your vitamins and maintain your health (visit the doctors regularly).

10. Practice safe sex.

11. Be optimistic, and build a secure-stable social life.

12. Involve in activities especially brainstorming type (keep using your mind regularly, and compare it with the car battery, if its unused, it will vanish !).

13. Brush your teeth and floss regularly.

In the next blog I will explain each point in detail.

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