Aug 24, 2006

Peace .. Salam !

I love "Peace". I born with peace, this is my love, my passion .. Peace = Salam. Do you know exactly what does it mean? Can't you feel it? In a child smile or laughter? In a sweet soft kiss from your lover.. In a blowing breeze or a flowing river.. In front of the sea, or in a silence night .. Gazing stars after dark .. In a quiet place.. Where there's no wrong or fight, where everything is just right.

You are in a peace when you feel the soul of everything .. Having a heart open wide, full of love and pride, then you live free of pain.

Peace is an agreement you have to make with yourself as a faithful commitment to create a peaceful environment, where you find love, understanding and mercy. Motherhood .. Sisterhood .. Brotherhood .. Friendship .. All kinds of human relations are full of peaceful meanings. Peace means taking care of everything around you; it includes tolerance, acceptance, understanding, dialogue, solidarity, caring, seeking happiness and forgiveness.

In other word .. Peace means ISLAM.

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