Aug 20, 2006

The Beginning

From my broken heart
I announce a lovely start
Whispering beyond the fact
and above all words of trust
I shall begin my journey
but never forget my old dart
I hold my breath
Carrying my blood stream
to erase all ultimate gart
This is what I always start
a lovely freshness of beating
from a pure sweet heart

© Inspiration es vida


3AJEL said...

حياك الله في عالم المدونات

لا تبتعدي كثيرا يطوفك نص عمرك
لا تقتربي منه كثيرا تمليه وتكرهينه

Dalal said...

Thanks 4 ur comment Q8y saint,

Oh yeah .. u r absolutely right, Blog's world is totallyndifferent,
but I haven’t got the opportunity to express my whole idea about life .. yet !