Oct 24, 2010

Discrimination !!

The amount of discrimination towards students in the Middle East varies from one region to another, however discrimination is a recurring motif amongst private schools in the Middle East; specifically in the oil-wealthy Arabian Gulf regions.

Those discriminated are the silent, a teacher can freely publicly harass a student, the result is often the teacher is left unscathed while the student suffers years of internal insecurity.

GES is one example that claims to prioritize morality in a hugely high extent, however that is proven to be an utter lie used to deceive parents into enrolling their students at the school. You see, the school does not prioritize morality in any degree, the school supports the system of prejudice and discrimination. The truth cannot be seen on the outside looking in, however in the inside looking in it becomes evident. The schools of Kuwait are controlled by amoral, insensitive humans. A teacher often mentally abuse their students. Morality is conforming to a standard of right behavior, it becomes clear after spending a few months at the school that the teachers lack a huge sense of conscience.

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