Jul 22, 2007

Stop !!

Stop hurting me, while you don't know how I feel .. can you stop it please !
It is really hurting ... why ? I keep asking my self .. why it's just like this?
It is so cold right here .. so dark ... I can't find my way ..
yet, you are so harsh in your silence.
It gives me all meaning of nothing than ... it's no big deal !

I can't feel ecxept heartless words ..
I don't see a thing beyond that
It is so harsh ... tough ...
and hurting me again and again and again ....................
while you keep saying you are empty .. my mind is full of you !
It hurts .


Anonymous said...

I can't feel ecxept heartless words ..

those wrds touch me


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Simple words. Yet, I feel how much your aching. Silence kills. Try using it...

Dalal said...

Thanks for all Anonymous :)

Nice comments and suggestions ;)

Dalal said...

Sara Shuaibi

Thanks dear your simple comment reached the point ... thnx for passing by :)