Oct 17, 2006

Guilty Pleasures

What was the guiltiest pleasure you have ever made? Can anybody think before these embarrassing moments... well the list of guilty pleasures never ends, but don’t get far; it’s an innocent thought that never goes beyond limit !

Everybody has at least one... politics... students... celebrities... some consider it as a life’s secret or a bad habit, weather its bubblegum pop, sleep overdose, fashion addiction, food over-consumption .. cookies... caffeine or even the pleasures of deep-frying. It’s just something that you love so badly but makes you feel guilty at the same time! Why do we feel guilty about things we need… maybe its some kind of harmful addiction full of negative effects .. sometimes it doesn’t make sense .. nothing in the world lake weakness as nothing is perfect, perfection is implausible for mankind, everybody seek perfection, but not by suppressing permissible desires. There’s an increasing demand to proudly admit your guilty pleasures and try to balance your desires, life is easy and you can make it easier.

At least there is an advantage of having guilty pleasures... according to researchers from University of Hull, saliva samples were collected from 30 subjects, and their pleasurable activities were listed and rated in terms of pleasure and guilt. Levels of Immunoglobulin A* were higher in those subjects with high ratios of pleasure-guilt scores.

* Immunoglobulin A: Protein found in blood prevents microbes from binding to certain cells and helps to fight against pathogens that contact the body surface.

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bo9ali7 said...

nice post...

Dalal said...

Thax bro .. urs as well !

boojam said...

Guilt is good! Always knew it. Mine is inertia, lazy Friday afternoons when there are things to be done but what the hell.
Interesting that you should mention Hull, that's where I studied.